i dare you to love me.


Shaving your legs. More like yoga in the shower with razor blades.

I know that this sounds so selfish, but everyone in the house is connected to somebody by blood and I know that-that you don’t need that to be family, I know that. But sometimes I’m afraid that…they won’t love me as much as I love them because I’m not their biological mom. That they won’t have that to tether them to me, when I’m driving them crazy or I won’t give them what they want or-or I fail them. That they’ll just…that they’ll look at me and they’ll say, "you’re not my real mom," and walk away. 


Comme des frères

There’s a note. ”Make the trip anyway.”

Favorite french films  COMME DES FRERES

"C’est le genre de conneries qu’on fait pour les gens qu’on aime."

phoebe tonkin photographed by mj kim

"Can I ask you something? About us? How do you feel?"
I feel gay, I feel gay, I feel ga-a-a-a-ay.

Féminin/Féminin (2014)

Define love? I think it’s complete union. Personality, sex… fusion. 

Alex, Féminin/Féminin

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