i dare you to love me.

I have a lot of fears. I think everyone does but that’s also what I realize when I do those characters […] It’s quite a positive thing […] I should be able to work with my own fears. My emotions are my tools. There are a lot of feelings and fears that we all carry inside of us but that—at a regular basis on a regular day, as a human being to work and function—we choose not to bring out. But sometimes I realize that I have some dark side inside of me that I, very easily, can suddenly bring out—that I didn’t know was so close to me. When I create my characters, I am able to bring them out, and that, that can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Those feelings are closer than you think.

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Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.


”In any given episode I play up to… five clones? season one? I think. Yeah, and like three in a day sometimes. Which is a trip” — Tatiana Maslany for Vanity Fair Magazine (x)

Every morning, when those doors open, the runners look for a way out. No one has ever survived a night in the m a z e.

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